Change of URLs

We have recently made a change to the URL structure of our sites.. instead of hosting new verticals on subdomains of taaza, we have decided to host them on separate domains. This has been done in order to maximize the branding effect of having a separate domain for every vertical. So our movies site is now at – the comparison shopping site is – and the classifieds site has been moved to

Accentium has also recently acquired a company in the women content domain, called – and hopes to build it to the top community site for indian women around the world.

Photos & Movies

We recently launched the photos section – at - We will continue to add new content on the site on a daily basis. In the meantime, please explore the site and tell us what you think. This is the first part of the Taaza Galleries section, the second part ofcourse will be the videos section, which will launch shortly as well.

We also launched the movies section – this has been in the works for a long time – In terms of usability and breadth of content, we feel we are the best content site in India for movies – Of course we will continue to add more movies, more celebrities and regional language movies soon. But for now, do browse the site and tell us what you think.

In our news section, we have significantly expanded the content depth, we now have two of India’s leading news wires on the site, with all the latest news getting published on the site instantly.

We are hard at work to launch the shopping section, the price comparison and meta search engine for shopping. We are getting close to the final product, and hopefully can launch soon.

With lots of product launches in the pipeline, the content breadth and depth on continues to increase daily, keeping us on track to achieve our goal of being one of the most visited sites in the country.


Upcoming Launches

We are excited about upcoming launches in the next few weeks..

  • Taaza shopping – to make its debut with the mobiles section
  • Taaza movies
  • Taaza study – tighter integration of Studynation with
  • Taaza galleries – latest photo & video galleries
  • Taaza social – social profiles to tie all the social activities on the site together

Accentium Integrates into Taaza, re-launches Site

Accentium Web Pvt Ltd, which is the company behind many successful internet ventures such as,, and, today announced its plans for the focus area for the company,, India’s leading education content portal, has been integrated into, as, in line with a strategic push to make one of the leading multi-vertical digital media properties in the country. It also launched a new homepage for in line with the positioning.

The Indian internet market is largely segregated into three categories – media, classifieds and e-commerce. Classifieds is largely monetized offline in India at the moment, making a lot of the businesses hard to scale and unprofitable. We see a lot of opportunity in media as both the consumption of the internet as well as the media spends are set to grow. We also see a lot of opportunity in e-commerce, especially in high margin products, some of which will get integrated into in the coming months. aims to be a new age horizontal – a combination of independently focused verticals – thereby combining the best of both worlds, the focus of verticalization and the synergies of a horizontal. The current verticals include Classifieds (, Job Search (, News (, Education (, Travel( and Finance ( Movies and Shopping verticals will be launched in early 2012.

We want to make one of the most visited sites in the country, and the team is working hard putting together the content, products and the user experience to take us there. One of the key verticals in Taaza will be shopping, which will start off with content and price comparisons across various product categories. This will be our focus in the coming months.